Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lutradur experiments

I've been experimenting with Lutradur recently using the details given in the new ezin Fibre & Stitch. Carol McFee takes you through the process and some stunning results have been created by subscribers to this months edition.

This was the first stage, above, when scrim and lace was painted on to Lutradur, left to dry and then played with!!!

Here I painted the surface with a selection of metallic paints, the purple (blue in photo) was added to bring life to the browns and metallics. I squeezed Luminere paint straight from the bottle.

Then I FME over the top with metallic threads to highlight the shapes in particular the areas of scrim. I then painted over some of these areas again to give more relief.

This is the final result, unfortunately the luminere lines reflect the light too much giving a false impression, in fact the lace relief areas are more pronounced than the photo would lead you to believe. Now the exciting bit, what to make from this sample!


StegArt said...

Very lovely L&L piece. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it.

Gunnels blog said...

Very beautiful pieces!

Alis said...

Gorgeous Margaret. Love the colour.

Barbara said...

wow! what cool artwork you have on your blog! Will visit again! Greetings Barbara

evolon fiber art said...

The colors are really nice.
I love your work!

evolon fiber art