Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lutradur experiments

I've been experimenting with Lutradur recently using the details given in the new ezin Fibre & Stitch. Carol McFee takes you through the process and some stunning results have been created by subscribers to this months edition.

This was the first stage, above, when scrim and lace was painted on to Lutradur, left to dry and then played with!!!

Here I painted the surface with a selection of metallic paints, the purple (blue in photo) was added to bring life to the browns and metallics. I squeezed Luminere paint straight from the bottle.

Then I FME over the top with metallic threads to highlight the shapes in particular the areas of scrim. I then painted over some of these areas again to give more relief.

This is the final result, unfortunately the luminere lines reflect the light too much giving a false impression, in fact the lace relief areas are more pronounced than the photo would lead you to believe. Now the exciting bit, what to make from this sample!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Unlimited Textiles Swops

This is the finished postcard that I have just sent off to Susan for the September swop of Unlimited Textiles. I embellished some green and purple organza on my Janome Xpression on to a base of black felt. I then FME on top in mainly circular patterns, finally embellishing with beads and french knots. The colour combination is obviously complementary and a particular favourite of mine at present.
These closeups show corners of the PC where the bead embellishment is prominent. Found the cube beads at the Festival of Quilts exhibition!This quiltie has gone to Gunnel and is 5 inches square. The base is painted bondaweb on calico and then layered with two shades of organza before FME around the shapes left by the paint. I embellished on top with hand embroidery and beads

These closeups show the colour variegations achieved by the paint on the bondaweb, ideal for FME. I was pleased with the way the different organza changed the effect below them. The colour combination is again complementary but a much more subtle one than the PC.

Hope you like them ladies!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Fabric Paper

This is a piece of fabric paper that follows Beryl Taylor's instructions on the Workshop on the Web june 2007.
I used white cotton poplin, painted it with a 60/40 water/PVA mix and then played with papers and fibres to create the collage, finally covering with lilac tissue paper. Over the top of this I used some paint. Then the fun bit I FME over the surface to create contrast and tonal change. The close up below shows some interesting sections.
At the moment I think it will be a book cover.