Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bye Bye "End of Season"

"End of the Season" has been hanging in my art room for a few months now and I had really begun to like it again. It was a piece that I completed for the Textile 21 exhibition at Norton Priory last year, before all my operations and because it was done whilst I was not feeling 100% I dismissed it. It is a peaceful piece and was a success in terms of techniques that worked. The background is a piece of dry felted velvet using silk and wool tops. In particular I liked the effect achieved by the silk noil. The stems were trusty tyvek rolled painted heated and then painted again for highlights. As with most of my pieces the finishing touches were hand stitches for the seed heads.
Well it has gone, sold at the Holmfirth Art Week. When I found out the buyer I was very excited as it is the local Yorkshire artist Jill Moynan, check out her pictures. Even more surprising was the fact that of all the 500+ pictures on show it was one of hers that I would have chosen as my favourite and given wall space to. Must contact her to share this revelation with!!

Here is detail of the seed head the smaller stems are machine wrapped cords that I then painted.
I also sold lots of my knitted necklaces and scarves, it is so gratifying to know that individuals out there appreciate my work and choose to wear them. Thankyou so much, it makes me want to continue with creating.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Been away too long, health and family got in the way as they do!
However here is my latest piece that is in the Holmfirth ArtWeek (Yorkshire) starting the 5th -11th July. Well worth a visit if you live in the vacinity. Entitled "Green Silks", fairly obvious as it is entirely silk and I used yellow and turquoise procion dyes.

This is the finished piece, ignore the shelves behind I forgot to edit before posting!!
I painted a box canvas in mixes of white, burnt senna and lemon yellow to get rid of the spark white of the canvas, works well!

I entered and was selected for the Derbyshire Open with a piece entitled 'Golden Strata' that was inspired by the Blue John stone that can be found in the Blue John Caverns in the Peak District. It is achieved by painting tyvek gold and then heating until it resembles molten metal. the bulk of the purple is free machine embroidery. The preview was last Friday and it was great to see my piece on view.
Will post more very soon now that I am back to normal!!