Monday, December 31, 2007

TAST library of stitches

I have been busy collating my TAST samples and putting a spine edging on each so that I can make a library of stitches. I decided to use an old lever arch ring binder of my daughters, it is A4 size but can be cut down to the size I want. I have made holes in each spine piece and buttonholed around them for reinforcement. Using this method of book rather than signatures I can add to it a further date and it also allows for easy removal when one is needed for reference. Above are a collection of pages at various stages of completion. To view all my samples go to my Flickr pages

The examples above and below shows how I have decorated the spine with the page stitch.

My base fabric colour scheme is very festive, it wasn't intended they just happened to be the colours that I had to hand when I first started the challenge earlier this year. I have, however used a range of colour schemes on the pages. Some are harmonious, some monochromatic and some constrasting to show different effects. Finishing off these pages is for winter nights in front of the TV.

All I have to do now is make a cover for the folder, the fun bit. Embellished I think.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.................

End of 2007!

As 2007 draws to an end it is only right to post a blog that sums up my past year. 2007 was my first year of blogging and communicating with a whole new community. It set me targets as I had deadlines to keep as part of the networks and groups I joined through contact via the blog, eg Tast, Unlimited Textiles and Sumptuous Surfaces. I enjoyed the many tutorials and spent hours absorbing the techniques displayed on numerous blogs and websites. Already signed up for the latest Sharon Boggin challenge "Take It Further". I have been busy putting al the TAST samplers into book format, will post a picture very soon.

It's official hyperlinks are additive! I developed certain skills that had only been seen in books and even invested in new equipment, my Janome Xpression being the most expensive. Other bloggers showed embellished examples and tips by the score and I have had so much fun. In the comfort of my own home I can experiment, create and explore the internet, I have discovered Picasa for photo manipulation and Flickr for uploading my photos for sharing. What a buzz I get from receiving an email from the other side of the world from someone who appreciates my work. Also being able to comment and encourage others on their work, being a retired teacher it never leaves you, the desire to encourage and praise.

I have been trying to clear the decks, finish work and generally get ready for 2008. I go into hospital on the 7th January to have my gall bladder removed and so I will be raring to go after that on all my new projetcs. As well as on line challenges I have 3 exhibitions coming up with my North West groups that I belong to. Silk-n-Threads have an exhibiton at Tatton Park in Cheshire from 15th March to 1st June. Society of Marple Artists celebrate their 40th annual exhibiton in April and Textile 21 are at Norton Priory from May to June, so lots of work to produce!!!!!!! I have some ideas already but there will have to be alot of juices flowing very soon!