Monday, February 26, 2007

TAST samples

I've been attempting to catch up on my TAST samples as I have joined the challenge 8 weeks in.

Week 7 was Feather Stitch and above is my first go, I have completed each challenge in colour coordinated threads as I intend eventually putting together a Stitch Library. Feather Stitch lends itself so well to movement and I am surprised at the success of the couched wool.

Week 5 was Chevron Stitch. Again can be used in a formal and loose way, I like the tumbling shapes at the bottom of the sample.

Week 3 was detached Chain Stitch and this sampler shows both Chain and detached Chain Stitch. Lots of potential with this stitch from the fine detailed work to the looser free flow.

Week 2 Buttonhole Stitch, I remember teaching this stitch in the 70s for buttonholes on garments it is great to get away from this formal application.

Week 1 Herringbone Stitch. Detailed photo of some of the application of this stitch. The variegated thread on the wave shape works particularly well.

I still need to complete weeks 4 (Cretan) & 6 (Algerian Eye Stitch), will attempt to do them alongside the weekly challenges.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More Silk

This clematis grows through a quince in my garden and I can get close up and personal as it is situated alongside a path. I used silk satin for the support and embellished with free machine embroidery and beads.

This anemone blanda grows under shrubs in my garden. Unfortunately the colour has not reproduced exactly in the photo, it has a more purple tinge. Each of the individual stamens are free machine embroidered which becomes the focal point of the painting. Again I sold both of these painting and I still get such a thrill when someone likes my work enough to put it on their wall.

Embroidered Silk Paintings

I discovered silk painting in 2004 and since then I have realised how appropriate the rich colours, especially those of steam fixed silk dyes, are for the basis of a free machine embroidery.

The centre of this group of Azalea heads are free machined using a gold thread.

The above photos are a reflection of some of my work so far. The vibrancy of the colours lend themselves to flower portraits. Free machine embroidery has been used selectively for the centers of the flowers. I did these in the first year of my experimenting with silk painting and I sold all three which immediately spurred me on to continue.
I continued to use silk paint and dye on scarves and bags as well more pictures. I also joined the Guild of Silk Painters. where I gained immense support from local and national members in the skills and knowledge involved in silk painting. More examples to follow.

Paisley Embroidery Update

These three photos show the finished Paisley embroidery for the Silk Town Stitchers I decided to fill in the paisley shape with seed stitch, which I feel holds the shape together. The close up of the tail shows clearly the subtle effect created.
The last photo details the variety of stitch and embellishment I used from the delicacy of the lilac organza to the solid effect of chain stitch in the purple metallic thread. If you click on any of the images you can see the stitches in detail.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First Post - Paisley Sampler

After much deliberation I have finally sorted out this blog page. It has taken me so long that I have not managed to finish a project for the local Embroiderers Guild. It is due tomorrow so tonight might be a long one. Each member was given the same paisley design and had to embroider it in one or many stitches as they wanted. I am in to metallic threads at present hence the choice of rich burgundy and gold. The introduction of some orange was to add a dash of complementary colour, not sure where else I will put it yet.

The design was marked out with a fading pen on a predyed cotton that had a variegated effect

Close up of tail of paisley design, the fronds are created by buttonhole stitch in two different shades of stranded thread.