Thursday, August 29, 2013

Handed Down, Handing On

For the Textile 21 exhibition earlier this year there was a definite white theme going on.
I chose to use old linen and lace handed down by family members and the only colour came from the delicate brown of the teabags which I covered with silk organza.
This is the corner I was allocated for my finished 2D pieces
 the following three images show detail of the fan blades. All of which utilised old lace and they were embellished by hand and machine embroidery

 The next five images are closeups of the pillows I made from old table linen and lace.

 This is a small picture that again use teabags for the base and free machine embroidery embellishing of old pieces of lace.

 these three are closeups of the Tri-Tea-Tych where I again employed white embroidery on a background of teabags and silk organza

My aim was to produce pieces that I could hand on to my daughters not only from my generation but previous generations