Tuesday, June 12, 2007


It's been a while since my last post due to ill health and family commitments ie my eldest daughter's wedding on the 1st June. I spent most of the 3 weeks before the wedding completing a fabric memory book for Joanne and Mike. It had been in the planning stage for many months, designs, collecting fabric and trims and it wasn't until I had finished the alterations to the dress (two weeks before the big day) that I could get my hands on some of the fabric, lace and beads to complete the book.

I knew that I wanted a soft book and the style of book had to reflect their personalities, so not too many frills or heavy on the embellishments. The content was to be paramount rather than a work of textile genius!

Fat quarters from the local quilting shop and exhibitions proved to be invaluable. I had originally wanted to complete it in silk but soon realised that cotton was going to be more practical to work on. The book contains a lot of quotes about love and marriage and I found one suitable for the front that wasn't too soppy. The wedding itself was very informal and there were only 20 guests at the ceremony.

Machine whipped cords were couched around the appliqued words.

Material and thread from the wedding dress were incorporated throughout.

These two pages show photographs of the happy couple in the years before they met. At 5 years old, at 7 years old and finally at 11 years old.

Although soft the book can stand up, each page was padded with wadding.

They got engaged in the mountains of Morocco last year. The mosaic style heart reflects the art and culture of the area.

This photograph was taken at a family meal shortly after their engagement and the hearts are in a variety of media, stamping, collage and embroidery.

There were so many quotes on the internet that I had to include the most relevant, both deep and meaningful and humous.

This was the venue for the ceremony, the Tudor Grange Hotel in Bourenmouth, on the south coast of England. It is a friendly, family run hotel that went out of their way to make sure we had a relaxed, informal day. Joanne had small cala lilies for her bouquet hence the appliqued lilies. The two small sections of embroidery came from her dress.

The back page. A crazy quilt square that again is not to over the top but contains bits from her dress and appropriate wording.

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this project and I hope that my daughter and new son-law will appreciate the relevance and content over many years to come. I had a box made especially for the book so that they can save other mementos from the day.


kay susan said...

What a lovely idea! And beautifully executed!

Doreen G said...

Sorry that you haven't been well
and I am so glad that the wedding day was perfect.
The book is so beautiful and a great reminder of the love you have for them and they have for each other.

Emmy said...

wauw that is a great gift so many memories it is lovely

Margaret Waring said...

Really beautiful little work of art- I am sure that the two of them will treasure it as you obviously have treasurd them in thje making of the book

Dianne said...

Soooo beautiful!! I'm sure it will be treasured forever....

Tristessa said...

Thanks for writing this.