Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Norton Priory Exhibition

The latest exhibition of Textile 21 entitled 'Outside In' is to be held at Norton Priory between 22 May - 14th July 2008. All 15 members have designed and executed new pieces based on the gardens at the Priory to reflect the theme throughout Cheshire this year 'The Year of Garden'.

I have started three pieces that have allowed me to create new surfaces/backgrounds. I can't see much else getting done over the next few weeks as I plough on with these pieces.

The first is an embellished piece on ivory cotton velvet. I have used lace, wool roving and silk tops, as you can see from this pic I played around with the arrangement.

This pic shows the finished surface before I started to create the silhouette design on top. It has been well batted down and the gummed silk has remained in relief giving a very pleasing surface pattern. The finished size will be 9x15inches and mounted around a frame that Hubbie doesn't yet know he will be making!

These are a variety of experiments to reproduce stems for my silhouette of Dill plants. Very long painted tyvek beads and painted machine wrapped cords. I will couch on both types to achieve the different thicknesses of stems.

This is the image that is my inspiration for my first piece.

The second piece is embellishing again but this time on layers of organza with trapped fibres. This pic shows the random placing of cut fabric and fibres before I embellished on my janome Xpression.

This pic is after I have embellished . I love the resulting crinkle effect . I intend to FME a closeup of the Flower head on this background. Following pic gave me this idea.

This is the start of my third piece. Lace and muslin on Lutradur after I have machined in place and painted the reverse in browns and oranges. (thanks to Carol McFee for technique)

Then I painted the right side in acrylics and interference paints.Love the shimmer effect of interference paintsFinished piece ready for the window design to be applied, haven't quite worked that out yet but think the Roman window shape at Norton will be cut out before I FME on the Lutradur.

This is the pic that gave me the inspiration for the window shape.

So back to it.............. having said that I am at a workshop with Jackie Cardy and the Macclesfield Embroiderers Guild tomorrow so it will have to all wait until Friday, then again it's my birthday so i hoping some of my 'friends' will be popping round or phoning up to take me out for lunch!!

I've heard back from most of my nominees for the award of 'inspirational blogs' and it is plain to see the positive effect it has on people as they realise how they an affect other bloggers work and life. A great idea to spread good will and creativity.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Thanks Barbara for Nomination

Barbara at Embroidery Overlaps has nominated me for an award as a blog that brought her inspiration and made her appreciate the blogosphere! Thanks Barbara. David and I were away in Poole last week visiting the eldest daughter and husband so I am a little late in responding and choosing my 10 nominees.

MargaretR at Digital Gran

Carol at Taylors Textile Trials

Anna at Serendipity

Doreen at Creative Meanderings

Emmy at Cramzy

Julie at Mixed Media

Sue, Guzzisue, at travelfibreandthread

Maggie at Magstitch

Gunnel at Gunnels Blog

Carol at Textile Tales

and I couldn't resist adding an eleventh

Arlee at albedo

I have enjoyed relooking at my above 'favourites of mine with a different eye and they all fulfill some or all of the criteria that I would expect from an inspirational blog.

How about this for a photo taken whilst down south, it is the view from the garden of the Russell Coates Museum in Bournemouth where we spent a delightful few hours looking at the various exhibits. There was an interesting display entitled 'Flockage:the flock phenomenon' that explored the unique qualities of flock in art, design and culture. The architecture was stunning and hard to grasp that the building was once a family home by the sea.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Take It Further Challenge March

This great selection of wool rovings and silk tops are following the given colour scheme for the TIF challenge this month. Sharon Boggon chosen colour scheme for March, the concept was to 'pay attention to the tiny details'.
As time was very precious this month due to many other creative commitments ( exhibitions by Silk-n-Threads at Tatton Park, the Macclesfield Embroiderers Guild at the Silk Museum and the Society of Marple Artists Ruby exhibition in April) whatever I did had to be achieveable in less than 24hours. So I decided to embellish on to black felt and use beads as the tiny details. The finished result works as a fluid swirling piece viewed from a far as the photo below shows. However, if you look closer you can see the tiny details of the beads that give the piece definition and surface texture.

These two closeups show the beads nestling in the embellished wool. I frequently employ beads and french knots to create small pockets of interest that only is realised when the viewer looks close up.

I machine edged the postcard and added it to my monthly collection.