Tuesday, May 08, 2007


This year's Society of Marple Artists exhibition was held the weekend of the 27/28th April. I exhibited 5 painting in all and sold four so I was very pleased.
Still get a buzz when someone wants to hang one of my babies on their wall!
The poppies above were completed in silk dye and then embellished with free machine embroidery.

The datura lilies above were again painted in silk dyes which need to be steam fixed.

These teasels were my first attempt at acrylics. I chose a block canvas as support and these teasels sit on my work room desk and have been crying out to be painted for a while now. The texture was achieved by using puff paint whicht reacts to heat and gives this interesting surface which can be then be painted.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TAST - Palistrina and Running Stitch

Running stitch is so simple and yet can be so effective if the direction and size is changed.

Palistrina Stitch lends itself to wavy and flowing lines. I used alot of variegated thread on this sample, although the subtlety doesn't show too well in the reproduction.

I have quite a collection of sample pages now, will have to start thinking about how to bind them together soon but with 7 more months to go I think that it is more a question of deciding how to divide them up into sections.