Friday, April 13, 2007

Embellished Postcard

This postcard has been completed from a piece of embellished felt on my Xpression. I used mainly wool rovings but there are other fibres in there. The embroidery was to represent the colours of March. This year everything is so green and so early. Fresh greens and the new shoots of bulbs, grass and shrubs. The postcard was my March contribution for the 6x4 lives flickr group. I am not totally happy with colour repo it is actually much brighter/richer than this.


Dianne said...

Lovely card!! Beautiful green colours.

StegArt said...

Yes, it is very lovely.

Maggie R said...

I love your work and this card is so beautiful...
I am working on some embellished post cards at the moment... I LOVE my embellisher!!!!