Monday, June 18, 2007

Tast latest

Soooooooo behind with TAST so here are four samples to almost get me up to date, just satin and french knots to go.

Wheatear Stitch. Tried something different by making it into a filling stitch. By varying the size and thickness of stitch interest is gained.
The isolated stitches also work well.

Butterfly Chain Stitch completed on a piece of painted calico. The range of effects are, movement, symmetrical patterns, isolated, bunched. Variation in thickness gives interest.

Crossed Buttonhole Stitch.
Very linear this design on a piece of painted calico. Interest added by overlapping the stitches

Basque Stitch. Great for both formal and more random designs.

My stitch book is starting to look very colourful now!


Doreen G said...

Well done Margaret only two to go-although after tomorrow it will be 3 to go.
I have finally caught up and will try hard not to get behind again.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! These samples are real standouts to me. I especially liked the Basque and wheatear work.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

I love these samplers! Loved the treasure you made for your daughter and her husband. Your silk painting is fantastic!!!

Happy House Quilts said...

I love it!!! What paint do you use to paint the fabric...oh i have somany ideas going through my head right now...!!! my list of new supplies i need is huge...first i need some more valdani pearl cotton in bright colors and then some nice fabric paint at the craft store...hmmmmm so much fun!!!