Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Update on Norton Priory pieces

After a lot of thought I decide to use my soldering iron and attack the treated Lutradur. This enabled me to reclaim the lace shapes and distress the scrim areas.

I have chosen a dark navy polyester fabric for the base as it will show up the holes in the Lutradur. I have applied heat with my heat gun to get a great surface effect.
This is the silhouette of the Dill plant. The base is embellished velvet, the stems are painted tyvek and the seed heads hand embroidery.

Closeup of Seed head still needs highlights


Guzzisue said...

These are looking so good :) I love the disintergrating look with the lutrador and lace and the Dill flowers really work well with the background, which resembles stone to my eyes.. well done

Doreen G said...

The soldering iron did the trick Margaret it looks great now

verobirdie said...

I like the dill plant so much!

Tenar said...

I love that stitched Dill plant. It looks so nature.like and still has all the elegance and clever use of materials of your more abstract pieces.

MargaretR said...

This is wonderful work and I'm sure the exhibition will be well worth a visit. As Very said, that Dill plant is very realistic.