Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm Back.... with new pieces of metal

Well I'm now able to sit in front of the computer and have enough energy and enthusiasm to complete a new post. Thanks to all those of you who have sent me kind messages over the last few weeks. The operation went relatively well, I now have metal pieces that I didn't have before but my surgeon promises me that I won't set off the alarms at the airport!! Unfortunately there is a small fractute at the top of the femur which is preventing me from weight bearing on that leg for 6 weeks, only 3 and a bit to go. Crutches are the worst invention going the damage they do to ones shoulders is awful. Frustration is well and truely set in, all the things I want to do and and all the jobs I can see need doing but I am now resigned to the fact that they will all be waiting for me when I am fit. David has been a star, I am getting great meals and personal service. He is planning on designing some new cartoons in the 'Love Is' series, such as 'Love is emptying her commode' and 'Love is drying between her toes', won't publish the others...........

Lots of visitors and cards and flowers. Isn't it interesting how the flowers that people choose reflect their personalities. These were from a friend who knows that I like fushia colours and the fact that this can be put out into the garden after admiring it indoors, always the practical one is Annette.

This is from Rita my arty friend and she expects some form of representation of these great calas. Hopefully I will be able to look after them and have the same next year, managed it this year with some burgundy coloured ones

Isn't the shape and form of these plants so inspiring, reminds me of my daughters wedding last year, she had them everywhere.

Starting to get back to creating but is a bit complicated when despite the best laid plans the thread or beads you want are upstairs and you are on your own and not really supposed to go up and down stairs without someone behind you.

This bouquet is from my husbands work collegues a typical corporate gesture but what a magnificant display, however the downside is that the red ornamental cabbages have had to be removed as their smell was too over powering in the lounge especially when the door was opened in the morning.

Planning next week and what I intend to do, some designing for the next Textile 21 Exhibition 'Recollections', some knitting of my latest arty scarves for the Christmas shows and some more of my seed head cards.

I have just ordered the latest Sarah Lawrence book due out in October, her Crafty Notions website is worth a look. For those of you who saw her article in STITCH earlier this year on Wild Women you can purchsae the doll faces from her website.

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Julie said...

Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery Margaret. I hope your fracture heals well. Take it steady - even though it is frustrating.