Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all dropping by.
I have been very naughty in not posting sooner this new year but life has certainly been busy recently.

Great family Christmas, met up with my brother and his family on Christmas Sunday for a bracing walk in Lyme Park, neither my brother or Husband is on this pic but the younger generation look suitably happy. It was very cold glad I had my hat on. My two beautiful daughters are on the far left. I was very pleased with myself as we walked one and three quarters of a mile, this was the furtherest since my new hip op in September.

Creatively I have been trying to complete the Tif challenge and this is the result. The relatively dark colour scheme was Octobers challenge and my interpretation of the theme of Storage. I compartmentised the postcard in to 24 squares and filled each one with some aspect of my storage needs e.g. beads, threads, buttone, wool, fabric. As usual Sharon stretched my use of colour and made me approach one well outside my comfort zone.This was December's colour scheme and I used the seasonal theme of Christmas. I used tiny bits of ribbon and and then machined seasonal motifs on top of the braids and ribbons. To finish off the basic design I machined squares around the edge and ontop.

I then attacked the Maggie Grey on-line workshop for November. I finished my wigwam books, the first hand stitched has some brillant colours as a result of Quink ink on Gesso, the six cords each have a different bead some hand made some from my stash.

This is a view of the back which shows the gilded finish on the trapped muslin.

This bronze and purple book utilised woodem stamps pressed into the wet gesso and those in relief are tissue moulds made from the same stamps. The pic below shows how I FME the motif. To save time I machined the three sides together, i was surprised how well my machine coped with the pelmet vilene and gesso.


Doreen G said...

Margaret I love the October TIF postcard--very clever.
The Maggie Grey books look great as well.
Happy New Year to you also.

Anonymous said...

Really like the wigwam book and and colors that you where able to achieve with it. I like the idea of stamping into the gesso and will need to give it a try myself. Beutifull work.

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