Sunday, February 19, 2012


 Back in 2007 I went on a workshop to create a collage that was printed on to fabric, I came away with two collages of my parents and they sat in my UFO box for over 3 years. I spent along time deciding what to do with them and then when my youngest daughter gave me her old sewing box I decided to cover it with the said collage after embroidering it with items relevant to Emily and Bert.It was my way of creating an heirloom that hopefully one of my daughters will cherish.
Mum was a seamstress all her life and career and this cover reflected that.

They married on the 20th March 1949.

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Julie said...

Your box is beautiful Margaret and what a lovely idea. My mum, who has dementia, is in need of a box to store her cards and letters in so this would be a wonderful idea for her. I hope you don't mind if I borrow it, although I will probably make it with paper images.

Thank you for your comment about the snow dyeing. I think maybe you'll have to wait till next year but then again you never know over your side of the country. My friend has just moved from here to Macclesfield so I will point her in the direction of your blog.