Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Last Wednesday I went on a day workshop entitled Collage on Canvas and in a T Bag. I just had to go on it!

The first stage was to complete a collage on A4 paper. Mine was based around some of the photos that I have of my parents that I had been meaning to do something with for so long now. A scrap book seems the obvious but not a paper version. So this workshop gave me the impetus to get going.
My mother was a seamtress so there are references to this as well as images that mean alot to me, their wedding, a holiday snap just after the war and childhood pictures of them both.

My completed collage was them photocopied on to transfer paper and them ironed on to calico. This was them embellished/embroidered. This is as far as I have got to date. I intend to add more. I did two as I have two daughters and I wanted them to have a permanent momento of their grandparents who meant so much to them.
The collage was them reduced and photocopied so it could be cut into small pieces and slotted into an empty square T bag. We waxed the Tbag by melting white candle wax with an iron (not the best one) and ironing between paper so it stiffened. I embellished this example below with thread and it will be an ideal wedding anniversary card for a member of my family.


Happy House Quilts said...

oh my gosh this sounds like so much fun!!!

Corina said...

This is going to be a treasured memory!

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