Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sumptuous surfaces stitch plan and week two

Week two of the Sumptuous Surfaces class meant quite alot of thought regarding stitch plans and then alot of stitching. I have been amazed at the range of designs being worked on and the support being given out by people all over the globe. More pictures of work being completed by other claass members on flickr - sumptuous surfaces

Stitch Plan 1.
The background is in random pulled thread and small amount of low relief surface stitches. The sea urchins to be in high density/relief stitches. The colours are strong at the front and fade away towards the top.

Stitch Plan 2.
The background is in high relief stitches/embellishment and the sea urchins in a simpler geometric manner.

I chose stitch plan 1 as I wanted to explore ways of high density stitching in a more controlled manner than a random way as the markings of sea urchins require .

The random pulled thread has worked well I feel yet the portugese stitch took so long! I watched nearly all of the Open Golf over the weekend doing it!

This close up shows how well the pulled thread has worked. I had not done this before and I will definately use it again.

Now for week 3 reading!!!!! I suspect there is a lot of stitching again this week.


Emmy said...

I love this there wil be a lot of stitching but it wil be great

molly jean said...

beautiful! I love the eyelets and all the other texture.