Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Holmfirth Exhibition and latest work

I've been very busy over the last few weeks finishing off pieces for the Holmfirth Art Week, 6-12th July. This is 'Pink Confusion', an embellished piece of wool and silk with FME and hand embroidery. The colour representation is so good and the relief effect achieved actually looks recessed.
This detail shows the use of beads to complete the surface embellishment of Pink Confusion.I did this piece using a single felting needle and silk tops, french knots complete the foxglove embellishment. Very pleased with this one.

Another dry felted piece. Silk net gives it a further dimension. Surface embellishment is achieved by FME and bead work.
The next two are in the Seed head series that I started for the Norton Priory exhibition

Seed Head IV

Seed Head V

The next four pics are cards in my Seed Head series they are approx 5-6 cms square. The base is embellished organza or curtaining voile and the seed head is FME. The last one has hand embroidery to finish as in the larger pieces.

These are three of the ten silk scarves I have dyed today. I call this series the Silk Crinklies as they are short and crinklie!!! They are quick and easy to do in the microwave with silk dyes. Ideal small items for sale.

I need now to play catch up on my TIF and Unlimited Textiles pieces. As I am off to Menorca on Monday I think that they will be coming away with me!!! I am in great need of some sun and warmth as I am scheduled to have a hip replacement in a couple of months and want my batteries recharged, I'm on the cancellation list so might get the call any time. Hubby thinks I should have a season ticket at the local hospital after my January gall bladder episode.


Julie said...

Beautiful work Margaret. I don't think I will get to Holmfirth this year. :( I enjoyed the last Art Week I went to. Hope it goes well for you - and the holiday!

Anonymous said...

these are all lovely, the seed heads, the foxgloves, but particularly the piece that reminds me of lichen (in a good way!) - great colour and texture.

Mermaid's Purse said...

There are some lovely things on your blog Margaret - I think the foxgloves are wonderful!

kiwicarole said...

Gosh I love your foxgloves, they are simply stunning! Carole

Jackie said...

Love your little cards.

corryna said...

I love your art! I will come back again to see what you will make next.

Sarah E. said...

The foxgloves piece is so beautiful, and I love the seedhead series!