Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Norton Priory Exhibition

I got a shock when I looked at the date of my last post. It has been such a busy month plus this time of the year is gardening time. The warmth and rain are ideal conditions for growth of everything. My first poppy of the year last week and foxgloves everywhere. Welsh poppies are so bright and cheery but so invasive that I have just spent an hour fulling them up before they seed everywhere, I do leave a few for next year's show!

The pics below are of the preview of the Outside In exhibition at Norton Priory by Textile 21. I've not given too close up a view as I'd rather you go and see it yourself!!

Three ladies admiring my 3 seed head pieces and the man in the back ground with the stripy shirt is my hero David, he also is my hubby.

This is Rita my dear friend from Silk-n-Threads. My informal mentor I usually run most of my pieces by her before signing them off. Such a stylish lady. She is inspecting my work!

Sue and Maria in the foreground having a chat. Both are members of Textile 21 with exhibits well worth seeing.David again but this time chatting about the RAF with Cliff, Pauline's husband. The large batik on the back wall depicts the sculpture in the garden of the Kneeling Monk.

Finally Claires's felt hats being admired by an invited guest with Elsa's three panels on the far wall.

Detail of one of Claire's felt hats

The preview was well received and the exhibition runs until the 14th July. The walled garden at the priory, open each afternoon after 1.30 is well worth the visit.


Lisa said...

Wished you had given a close up. I'm in Kansas in the USA and I don't think I'm going to make it to the show.

Jackie said...

time.Glad you are posting again.
Congratulations on the exhibition, sorry I couldn't make it in the end.things always all ahppen at once don't they?