Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Take it Further September 'Lists'

Finished this a few weeks ago but remiss of me not to post until now.

Sharon Boggin's TIF challenge for September was 'LISTS'. I am glad that I chose to complete these challenges in post card format as they are easy to fit into small time slots and places! This was completed whilst in hospital last month and so is mainly finished by hand.
The 10 point list is all the things I choose to make lists of, in roughly chronological order. The colour scheme once again challenged me as it was outside of my comfort zone.
I embellished the base on my Janome in vertical lines and then hand embroidered in the opposite direction the 10 usual things I have found myself making lists of over the years. It was fun to remember some of them eg the most desireable attributes of boys I would most like to go out with!!!!! and those dreaded homework lists in ones homework diary!!!



After sitting in bed all afternoon sewing (uncomfortable and not a good idea!) I came back online to read all your interesting comments - thank you.I was pleased to see your latest posts (yes it's hard sitting at a computer after surgery - I do hope you are progressing as would be hoped)Anyway - I love your creative ideas. I would never have thought of this one in a million years; it's so clever. I am so new to textile work that I just don't have the wonderful design ideas that you do - so I will have to think outside the box a bit(and whereas your free embroidery, on past posts, looked wonderful, my test pieces have looked so dreadful I can't imagine incorporating them into anything!) best wishes, Andrina

Gunnels blog said...

I really like this!!

Paula Hewitt said...

very nice - the colours i found a bit awkward - but youve done it well. I particularly like the way youve stitched down the large bead, and the trails of french knots

Julie said...

I like this a lot Margaret.