Friday, October 31, 2008

Todays offerings

Just spent a couple of hours playing with Gesso and pelmet Vilene in preparation for Maggie Grey's Textile Translations on line course that starts tomorrow. You have to buy the book to be eligible to take the course but it will be well worth it.

The first two show closeups of the painted Vilene with Gesso and a very open muslin that I distressed before pushing into the Gesso.

The relief effect is achieved by using a palette and pretending you are icing a Christmas cake to achieve a snowy ridge effect .
This sample has been painted with three Brusho watercolours, you can just make out the salt that I sprinkled on the piece whilst it was still damp. It reacts with the water in the watercolour paint.
This final sample below is the effect you get when you use Quink black ink. The darl areas are where the tissue paper I applied was not covered with gesso. After sealing with PVA I intend dry painting this with some Stewart Gill paints from the Galactica and Metallica range.

And finally.............

Below are two batik pictures that I completed before I went into hospital. They are currently part of an exhibition at Marple Library with the Cheshire Guild of Silk Painters. It runs until Saturday 15th November. The colours in the pics are not as vibrant as in real life, should have edited I suppose but too lazy at present.


Julie said...

Your batiks are beautiful and I love the gesso textures. Thank you for the reminder that Maggie's lessons start tomorrow. Somehow it had slipped my mind!

maggi said...

Gesso surfaces look really interesting. Hope you are enjoying the lessons, she really is inspirational isn't she. The batiks are really effective too.


Love the batiks! I was looking through your amazing flckr photos - what a wonderful variety of work you do! I was intrigued by the foiled silk velvet - what is foiling? Sorry to be so dim, Andrina