Monday, August 20, 2007


Returned last night from the NEC and the Festival of Quilts 2007. The display of quilts was phenomenonal, the range was huge and the skill stunning. It was nice to see works by people who I knew via workshops or the web. Helen Cowan, Greta Fitchett, Kaffe Fassett and Jennie Lewis to name a few. Also stalls, Ruth Brown of Stone Creek Silks, Mary Day from the Guild of Silk painters and Maggie Grey from the WOW, Workshop on the Web. I am not a quilter but thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition which I had to do in two attempts and would have loved to have had another day to go around again. It was interesting to see the contemporay quilts, many from abroad, utilising various techniques.

Whilst browsing the stalls for goodies, many of which I bought, I watched Maggie Grey dem the Janome embnellisher and it inspired me to get mine out of its box and have a go this morning. Nothing too big as I wanted to finish something so used my colours of the moment in silk tops that I dyed a while ago.

I embellished a piece of felt with a selection of silk tops and synthetic fabric from a cast off skirt of my daughter and ended up with this. Much brighter than the photo shows.

I then zig zaged strips so that I could weave them to produce this. Quite pleased with the result.


Doreen G said...

That is beautiful Margaret and I love the woven strips as well

Alis said...

The colours and textures are just gorgeous.

Happy House Quilts said...

oh my goshums!!!! I was just dreaming about weaving fabric...your's is breath taking!!! I never would have imagined anything that beautiful!!!
I went to a college called NEC! What does your NEC stand for?

MargaretR said...

Beautiful work in your blog Margaret. I love the colours in that embellished piece. Before I beacame a Mags I always used to sign my name Mgt from college days. Margaret takes ages to write doesn't it?(g)