Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sumptuous Surfaces Week New Concept

The brief this week was to think in colour. When I think of colour at this time of the year it has to be my garden. The lime green of 'Ladies Mantle' aka Alchemilla Mollis is so prevalent and with the pinks/purples of the fushia, geraniums and pertunias the complementary colours on the colour wheel come to life.
Thinking beyond that India and the richness of life in colour has to be a second best. I've never been but after googling India I couldn't help but be impressed by the saris and dyes. The use of primary colours and the matching of complementaries in saris and textiles generally is so breath taking.
Finally I thought of the work of Kaffe Fassett. I am a great admirer of his use of colour in patchwork, tapestries and knitwear. I have three of his books and they never fail to inspire me.

So I put all this together and came up with an idea of using a basic patchwork design to show off the use of colour. The first colour scheme was blue and yellow, but this was disregarded and one that reflected my garden at present was chosen. Below are the colours I found in my stash.

I played with this range both in paint and thread.
Above are my expts with altering the value of the colours as I want to change the tints and shades throughout the piece. Tints at the top and increasing in value towards the base. The sketch below shows my first attempt at a design based on patchwork squares.
Too basic I thought so moved on to playing with the grid and the sketches below show some of the more acceptable results. The top line shows the grid altered to produce a more pleasing silhouette. In the second line I have introduced triangle shapes to break up the right angles and introduce an additional geometrical shape. I introduced negative shapes in the final line and the final design is an combination of all of these ideas.

Final design incorporating patchwork squares, triangles and negative shapes as well as the colour value increasing towards the base. The stitch plan is to have the green areas in low relief stitching and minimal embellishment. The fushia coloured squares will be in high relief stitching and increasing embellishment towards the base. They will also overlap the green to soften and minimise these areas. Haven't decided how to outline the shape yet or in fact whether to at all.
Off now to transfer the design and get stitching!!!!!!!!! Looking forward this this.


ACey said...

oh you have chosen one of my favorite color schemes! Think your idea has a lot of possibilities - look forward to the next stage.

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Susan D said...

Can't wait to see how you progress with this.

Barbara Cheeseman said...

I like the sea urchins, Margaret! As for your squares, it is interesting how you can take a complementary pair of colours and push each one a bit further round the wheel. And have you seen the work of quilter Jan Meyers Newbury? Some years ago now she was doing checkerboard blocks with 2 colours in graded tones, the dark of one colourstarting at one side of the block and the dark of the other on the opposite side. Makes an interesting tonal interchange.

Doreen G said...

This is progressing nicely Margaret - my favourite colours as well.

Fiona said...

love the colours and your design ideas. I'm usually attracted to grids and your design process seems very logical (again I like this!) looking forward to seeing this progress!