Sunday, January 06, 2008

Take It Further Challenge

Following on from the TAST challenge of 2007 Sharon Boggon has a new challenge that started on 1st January 2008 - Take It Further (TIF).

Each month she posts a concept and colour scheme. You can choose either or both and work on a design and take it through to completion.
January's concept is 'Somebody you Admire' and the colour scheme is below

I have a busy month this January, next week is my op and then I have to get to work on producing work for two exhibitions so I intend to start with a postcard size piece of work. I may even continue this theme throughout the year so that I can add to my evergrowing collection of fabric postcards and possibly put them together to form a book at the end of the year as I have done with my TAST samples.

I started by putting threads together for inspiration. I made a colour strip firstly from threads I had and then went out to buy the suggested DMC threads. Today in good natural daylight I saw how the two did not exactly match up. The colour scheme is obviously up for interpretation by individuals and therefore I will be using various values of all the above colours.

This selection shows a range of colour values that I intend using. I decided to use the given colour scheme as it is not one of my usual choices and would challenge my natural tendencies. I have rejected the concept however as I have something nearer to my January existence at the present. Whilst researching gall bladders on the web I came across these very organic diagrams of the muscular wall of the gall bladder and was perversely attracted to the natural undulations and curves.
The muscular wall itself has some very interesting patterns that I could easily see translating into stitch. I will have to work on a design, postcard size, next week as I must now go and pack a bag for tomorrow, I have to be at the hospital for 7.30am, and just hope that the Norovirus sweeping through UK hospitals at present doesn't close the ward I am reporting to!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I didnt think gall bladders looked so good! This is going to look great - goodluck at the hospital- I hope it all goes well

Doreen G said...

I came to the same conclusion as you on the colours Margaret- after checking the DMC colours I chose fabrics in the same value.
Good luck with the op--been there -done that so I know how you feel and trust me it's one organ I was glad to get rid of.
I feel much better without it

Linda said...

Hi Margaret,

Hope all goes well with the surgery. I had mine out a couple of years ago and even with keyhole surgery it took me a good few weeks to recover - so take care of yourself.

You're obviously not too far from me as I hope to get to Tatton to see your exhibition!

Kay said...

Good luck on the surgery. But you're doing a wonderful job of making the most of it. Inspiration is everywhere.

Jacqui said...

Good luck with the op.

I have seen various comments about the colours and maybe it would have been better if Sharon had said whether it was grey, grey/green. Not sure if colorlovers actually states what the colours are though and other people have said, it depends very much on your PC screen.

Love the idea re the gall bladders. I have a friend who is a medical illustrator who does drawings like this all the time.

Margaret S said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments about my op, it all went well and I am gradually getting my strength back and looking forward to attacking the challenge.