Friday, February 29, 2008

Fabric Paper Workshop

Just finished my prep to publicise a workshop tonight at the monthly Silk-n-Threads meeting.

We have a weekly Monday club that is a more informal gathering and on the 10th March I am leading a workshop on Fabric Paper. Above shows one of the pieces before I cut it up.

Below is a closeup of the FME of leaves that embellish the fabric/paper.

This is the front of the altered book that I chose to cover with the fabric/paper.
The green cord was from a carrier bag that I rescued before throwing out.The back of the book.

These five images show a range of altered pages inside the sketch book. The book was a 'Teach Yourself Chemistry' publication from the 1960s, do you remember the black and yellow covers of that series? I suspect I thought at the time that by just owing such books I would become sooooooo clever!!!!!!! I was about to throw it at the Charity shop when I thought what can I possibly do with it? I had it in my mind to keep a sketch book of my garden in 2008 so what better way than in a handmade version that utilises my creative juices as well. I blogged about the method I used here and here.More examples will be posted on the Silk-n-Threads blog at a later date.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your fabric paper work is gorgeous. I love the book

Gunnels blog said...

this book is wonderful! I really like your fabric paper!

Barbara Cheeseman said...

Hi Margaret
I'm nominating you for a special award, as a blog "which brings you inspiration and make you appreciate the blogosphere!"
Sew1knit2 nominated me and i have to list 10 more blogs and let the writers know. So you may do the same if you like, but it is a bit time-consuming!
Its good to keep up with what you are making! The TIF stuff is very interesting.