Monday, February 26, 2007

TAST samples

I've been attempting to catch up on my TAST samples as I have joined the challenge 8 weeks in.

Week 7 was Feather Stitch and above is my first go, I have completed each challenge in colour coordinated threads as I intend eventually putting together a Stitch Library. Feather Stitch lends itself so well to movement and I am surprised at the success of the couched wool.

Week 5 was Chevron Stitch. Again can be used in a formal and loose way, I like the tumbling shapes at the bottom of the sample.

Week 3 was detached Chain Stitch and this sampler shows both Chain and detached Chain Stitch. Lots of potential with this stitch from the fine detailed work to the looser free flow.

Week 2 Buttonhole Stitch, I remember teaching this stitch in the 70s for buttonholes on garments it is great to get away from this formal application.

Week 1 Herringbone Stitch. Detailed photo of some of the application of this stitch. The variegated thread on the wave shape works particularly well.

I still need to complete weeks 4 (Cretan) & 6 (Algerian Eye Stitch), will attempt to do them alongside the weekly challenges.


kay susan said...

Hi Margaret. What a super set of samples!

Doreen G said...

Great samples Margaret-I am new at blogging like you and I found the best way for people to know about your blog was to make a comment on theirs and then they will come over to look at yours and it snowballs from there.